How to benefit from zero-click searches on Google as a business?


              “Did you know that 65% of the searches on Google result in no clicks at all?”

Source Search Engine Land


Today, it is more important than ever to access information in a quick and easy way. When you look for something on the internet, you want to receive a clear answer immediately. Google responds to this need (in some cases) by giving you the answer to your search query right away without having to click through to the website, like the case below. This is called zero click searches.

But that leads to the fact that there are fewer click-throughs to the website because they already know the answer anyway (= zero-click searches). Contrary to what many marketers believe, this does not immediately imply a disadvantage for your SEO. Read more about how you can deal with zero-click searches in a smart way and what it can mean for your business.


Zero click searches in a nutshell


Zero-click searches occur when Google gives the user an answer to his or her query, without the user having to click through to the website. The answer will appear at the top of the search results above all others. That type of search result looks different from the other search results and is referred to as Featured Snippet. The position of that Featured Snippet is also often called Position #0. Featured Snippets are most of the time simple answers to simple search queries, for example:

  • Definitions

  • Weather forecast

  • Hotel booking

  • Sports results

  • Maps

  • Calculator

  • Google Knowledge Panel: short encyclopedic summary of an entity (right side of SERPs)

  • Step-by-step plan or enumeration

  • Recipes


The benefit to the user is that they get a faster answer. The advantage for Google is that it can provide a better user experience to its users. Also, Google keeps them on their own page instead of sending them to a third-party website. But what’s the benefit for your business

The benefits of zero-click searches on your business

At first sight, those zero-click searches seem like a disaster for companies. Why bother with content if no one clicks on it anyway? Fortunately, it not only provides benefits for the user and Google but also for the companies themselves:

  • If you appear as a result of a zero-click search you will take up a lot of space on the SERPs (= Search Engine Result Pages). Your company, content and products are then advertised for free.
  • The chance is very small that users will scroll further. At that point, there is no longer any competition.
  • If Google shows your website as an answer to a question, you will come across as a true authority in your field and you will overshadow your competitors.

8 tips to rank as a zero-click search

However, those benefits do not come organically. As with organic ranking, it can take some time before you appear at the top of the search results. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your website to get to the top of the SERPs and take advantage of zero-click searches for your business.


  1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that increases the visibility of your company on Google. It appears on the right side of the SERP when someone searches for your business. Users can find all the most important information (phone number, address, opening hours, …) about your business at a glance and don’t even have to click through anymore.


  1. Create good and relevant content

Good content is one of the ground rules of SEO. If you publish quality content, you are already one step closer to the #0 Position. Make sure you use precise and relevant language. It is easier for the Google algorithm if you give a clear answer to a specific query. Discover more about the power of publishing good content.


  1. Optimize your visuals

Make sure your webpage has visuals that can be seen in the Featured Snippet. Avoid low-quality images or images that have nothing to do with your business!


  1. Stay focused on SEO

According to a study by Ahrefs on Featured Snippets, 99.58% of the Featured Snippets and Position #0 results would rank in the top 10 of the SERPs. This makes sense since Google ranks the most relevant and high-quality information as high as possible. In a nutshell, if you want to appear as a Featured Snippet, you have to appear on the first page. And that means having a strong SEO strategy.


  1. Provide headings and paragraph tags

The structure of a webpage is very important to Google. Some tips:  the search query should appear in the header and the ‘Featured Snippet content’ should be visible in your paragraph with <p> tag.


  1. Target on question-type searches

Always try to be two steps ahead of your competitor and think about what questions your target audience might ask. Respond to those questions throughout your website content. This way you have a much better chance to be shown at the top of the SERPs. A FAQ page on your website can be a source for multiple Featured Snippets. Tip: use Answer the Public, it’s a tool that shows the most frequently asked questions about a certain topic.


  1. Use the following words

According to the Ahrefs study on Featured Snippets, you should incorporate the following words in your website content. They are often used in search queries with a Featured Snippet as an answer.


  1. Take the word count into consideration

According to Hubspot your content should be between 54-58 words.


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