Download free buyer persona template for b2b


Creating a good marketing strategy with qualitative campaigns starts with getting to know your potential customers. Especially for b2b companies where the buying process is more complex then in b2c markets.

Multiple decision makers, longer procurement cycles and more focus on ROI of your solution. Every potential lead needs other content and message depending where they are in the buying journey. The C-level has other priorities then the junior in the room but they both have their vision on your product or service.

Download this free b2b buyer persona template and get

  • Template you can use to align your team on drivers and barriers to buy of your target audience
  • +20 questions to fill in the template in detail and get the discussion about your target audience going

This template can be used to align different departments (eg. sales & marketing) about how your ideal customer looks like. Even for new people that enter the company and should be up to speed quickly can check the buyer persona you created and be aligned with the rest of the team.

Fill in the form, receive your copy of the template and start working on your buyer personas. If you need more info check out our dedicated b2b buyer persona page.